Sharing God's grace through the gift of handmade designs and beautiful calligraphy for all life's occasions!
But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain.
1 Corinthians 15:10a
Hello,my name is Angenise Rawls and I'm so happy you're here!

I am a calligraphy artist and graphic designer based in Hamilton, Ohio. Cincinnati, Ohio is my home town and the University of Cincinnati is where I earned a BS degree in Social Work. As a teenage mom, I started college with two small children, and looking back, I've found that the discipline and resourcefulness learned during this time has prepared me for being a mamapreneur - a business owner who wears all the hats, including being a mama! Do you want to hear a quick story about an easy way to pronounce my name? My first job at age 16 was at Roy Rogers. On a particular day, one of the cooks was trying to get my attention on front line. I never heard him until he called me "Aintyoumyniece" (Read: Ain't you my niece?). So, there you go. I've formally introduced myself and you won't forget how to pronounce my name (Anj-uh-niece). Serving others from the heart while creating something special brings me great joy, and I can't wait to hand make something custom for you!

This little dream of mine started as a tiny mustard seed before I even realized it had been planted. As a child, I would make handmade cards for my family and friends. Somewhere around 2004, I felt led to create sympathy cards that featured Scripture after not being able to find "just the right card" in stores. Although I'd learned Italic calligraphy from my sixth grade English teacher, those skills and dreams lay dormant until I was in my 30's. It was shortly after our church family moved into a historical building and my Pastor gave me a set of calligraphy pens she'd found that the tiny seed began to flourish. I would go to the library and check out stacks of books on scrapbooking, card making and calligraphy. Little did I know how much Instagram, YouTube and Skillshare would be catalysts for me becoming a business owner! I shared all that to say that it's never too late to pursue your dreams and each of us has a unique way of doing things that makes our gift a blessing. Currently, I have been blessed to be on the bereavement committee of our church, where I design handmade cards for members who have lost loved ones. A few of my handmade cards are currently featured on my Etsy shop (click the Shop link to purchase).
Now that I've learned pointed pen, mainly focusing on Copperplate and modern calligraphy, some of my favorite go-to's are handmade paper, linen paper, pearlescent cardstock, watercolor paper, acrylic, canvas and glass. Other goodness I'm currently oohing and aahing about is gold foil!
My teaching experience includes in-person Fauxligraphy classes in the Michaels Community Classroom (Hamilton, Ohio Bridgewater Falls location), as well as online with Kalli Camp Live. I currently have ongoing Live sessions on my Instagram page - focusing on digital scrapbooking using the iPad and Procreate app. This class is held every other Thursday and the previous classes are saved on my IGTV channel. In addition, I will be a featured contributor for Kalli Camp Academy, which provides virtual  education for calligraphers. I have also been featured in the July 2019 issue (page 15) of the Community of Christian Creatives. It was a tremendous honor being able to share my journey as well as tidbits of advice for other artists.
I would love to create the perfect hand-lettered look for your day-of event stationery, occasion or keepsake. I have been creating handwritten stationery for over ten years, and it all started when I couldn't find the perfect sympathy card. Along with handmade cards, I love creating custom wedding canvases, addressing beautiful envelopes, curating day-of stationery such as table decor, and even flourished calligraphy on mirrors! 
When you're ready for a custom design, the first step is to complete the Contact Form when you click the Inquire button below. The process begins when I receive your information, and I'll follow up with an email to set up a phone conversation or convenient meeting time (if you are local). Once I find out what your needs are, I'll create a customized proposal of your vision and needs. In addition, I will create a design mock-up or vision board and share it with you to make ensure we are on the same page.
Below are some examples of what I'd love to create especially for you or a loved one:  
- Hand-lettered photo frames
- Hand-lettered acrylic coasters
- Hand-lettered marble escort cards
- Hand-lettered wedding mirror welcome signage
- Handmade Scripture cards for special occasions, including holidays, birthdays, Pastor Appreciation and more
- Hand-lettered nursery Scripture art
- Hand-lettered wedding vows
I can't wait to hear from you and help you curate the perfect special moment or heirloom keepsake!​​​​​​​

If you are interested in custom art to joyfully celebrate a wedding, birth, graduation or corporate event, please click the INQUIRE button below to start a conversation.

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